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Orthorub Massage Balm

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The Orthorub is a double-acting ointment. First, it produces a soft feeling of penetrating heat without irritating. In its second phase, its balanced concentrations of menthol and eucalyptol promote nasal decongestion bringing wonderful sensations of freshness, thanks to their beneficial aroma.

Orthorub does not leave the skin oily. Always have some on hand in the pharmacy to treat everyday minor ailments. Also used for relief of sprains, arthritic and rheumatic pain, muscle and joint pain.

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Kilogram | Pound| Gram | Ounce 100 g - 200 g | 3,52 oz - 7,05 oz , 400 g - 500 g | 14,11 oz - 16,63 oz


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Orthorub Massage Balm

Orthorub Massage Balm

Massage balm for joint pain


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