3 pieces cotton sheet set


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3 piece cotton sheet set

100% knit cotton, soft and extensible

Includes : 

  • Fitted sheet 24/26 or 28/30 x 72
  • Flat sheet 60x90
  • Headrest cover 

Knit cotton is a soft and comfortable fabric. Seeing as it is knit and not woven this gives it an exceptional fit and comfort. 

This cotton is ideal for unusual and usual shaped tables as well as accommodates any added layers underneath such as: heating pad, memory foam, piqués etc.  Being extensible, this set will mold perfectly to your table making it even more comfortable. 


24/26 set is perfect for narrow tables

28/30 set is perfect for larger tables or those with added arm rests.

We ensure to calculate the shrink percentage when we make these products.  Rest assured after 2-3 wash and dry cycles they will fit perfectly.

All meterials are of first and superior quality

Made in Quebec by Allez Housses 

Data sheet

Tissue Cotton knit
Colors White, Blue, Brown, Gray, Black


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3 pieces cotton sheet set

3 pieces cotton sheet set

3 piece cotton sheet set

100% cotton, soft and extensible


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